Wacom’s new Companion

wacom-mobile-stuido 2 sizesSo I purchased a Cintiq Companion 1 when it first came out. I thin got my hands on the Companion 2, and the version two fixed the many issues I had with version 1. The power switch, and the lack of being able to use it as a standard Cintiq. Now Wacom has come out with a new version, and is no longer calling it the Companion. It is now called the MobilStudio Pro. (http://www.wacom.com/en-us/products/pen-computers/wacom-mobilestudio-pro) It is offered in two Sizes and multiple configurations. Supposedly it has a new pen, and eliminates parallax. This makes me very excited as that is the major issue I have with my personal companion, is whenever I switch positions, I need to recalibrate. It also boasts a ton of new features, including a 3D camera on the tiger end versions. I am not sure at this time the price, but those features alone make me want to upgrade. If they fixed the buttons on the side so they take less pressure (it was improved on the companion 2 Look for my review of the companion 2 here) then I am totally sold. Hopefully I can get my hands on one to review, and I will let you know 🙂